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Jungle Walking in the Chitwan National Park
19 Jan 2017

Jungle Walking in the Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations, situated in the subtropical southern part of the country. It was the first national park to be established in Nepal, in 1972, and was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1984. The park covers an area

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Joining the Amarnath Pilgrimage in India
17 Jan 2017

Joining the Amarnath Pilgrimage in India

Hiking 32 kilometers didn’t at all sound like such a big deal. After all, so many pilgrims were doing this, why wouldn’t we? Clearly we hadn’t hiked much in mountains, especially at altitudes exceeding 3,000 metres, where the air becomes rarified and even in summer breathing can hurt your lungs.

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Hike to Pokhara's World Peace Pagoda
13 Jan 2017

Hike to Pokhara’s World Peace Pagoda

The World Peace Pagoda is a popular destination southwest of Pokhara, situated at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. Visitors can enjoy views of the Himalayan peaks, as well as Phewa Lake and Sarangkot Mountain. To reach the World Peace Pagoda, you can take a taxi from Pokhara, but you

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Hike from Panauti to Namo Buddha
11 Jan 2017

Hike from Panauti to Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha is the third most important religious site for Buddhists in Nepal. Hence, it has a special charm. Walking there from the small village of Panauti can be as a small pilgrimage of its own. Panauti, the starting point can be reach in about two hour by public bus

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Trekking the Tamang Heritage Trail
08 Jan 2017

Trekking the Tamang Heritage Trail

The Tamang Heritage Trail is close to the famous Langtang Valley, but sees fewer trekkers. It can last between five and seven days (if an optional visit to the Tibetan border is included) and passes throught Tamang villages, high into the mountains. It was set up as a community-based project

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Yomari, A Newari Food for the Gods
05 Jan 2017

Yomari, A Newari Food for the Gods

During one of my visits to Nepal, I stayed in Bhaktapur, at the home of a Newari family. Newar are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and nearby areas. They have their own language, culture and cuisine. Not only did I enjoy their heartfelt hospitality, but also daily feasts

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03 Jan 2017

Cycling through the Villages of Chitwan

Sauraha is many travellers’ base while staying around Chitwan National Park, but lesser known are the other activities you can do in the area, besides jungle safaris. During an average two or three-day stay in Sauraha, you can easily rent a bike and cycle among the nearby Tharu villages. It’s

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Traditional Comfort
01 Jan 2017

The Most Unique Hotels in Kathmandu

Hotels belonging to every price bracket are available in Kathmandu, from budget backpacker to luxurious resorts. These five unique hotels offer style, comfort and elegant touches. More than just a place to rest your head, staying in these hotels in Kathmandu ensures a memorable hotel experience. Traditional Comfort Traditional Comfort is

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The Best Winter Treks in Nepal
29 Dec 2016

The Best Winter Treks in Nepal

The peak tourist seasons in Nepal are March-May and September-November, as this is when the weather tends to be best for outdoor activities. However, winter trekking shouldn’t be overlooked. The temperatures may be colder, but the views are often at their best. Plus, you won’t be competing for space along

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Escape to the Shivapuri National Park
27 Dec 2016

Escape to the Shivapuri National Park

I had two days, one night and a scooter. I also had a need to escape the dusty circus of Kathmandu, where I live and work, to breathe some clean air. Raj, the manager of Shivapuri Retreat, said that all you have to do is drive about 30 minutes from

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Culture & Tradition

Swayambhunath "Monkey Temple". Photo: Sudeep Singh
16 Apr 2015

Buddhism in Nepal

In many areas, Hinduism has absorbed Buddhism to a large extent, but the two religions have many shared deities and temples. As every Nepali is proud to tell you, the Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. That is to say, he was born in the Shakya Kingdom of Kapilvastu which

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Gai Jatra Nepal
25 Aug 2016

Upcoming festivals of Nepal with Dates

Festivals of Nepal. Festivals in Nepal are as number as there are days in a year. Blessed to be one of the most diverse countries in the world, almost everyday Nepal is participating in some sort of festivals and celebrations. Teej Festival – 4th September, 2016 Teej is a festival

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03 Oct 2016

A Perfect Break from the City at Panauti Community Homestay

Panauti Community Homestay – A Perfect Break from the City. As lovely as many of Nepal’s hotels are, many visitors want to get a bit closer to ordinary Nepali people and to learn about how they live. A visit to Panauti Community Homestay is the perfect way to experience Nepali

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05 May 2014

Yarsagumba — The “Miracle” Mushroom

With the melting of the snows in the Himalayas, hordes of villagers of Nepal’s far western region trek up to the alpine pastures near the towering Himalayan peaks where they pitch camp for an extended stay of almost eight weeks, braving the cold and harsh environment.  They spend their days

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bardiya national park
17 Jan 2012

Tiger hunting in Bardiya

“Chances of meeting a tiger here are pretty good,” said my guide, Santa Chowdhary, as we sat under the tree, facing across the river. It was 40 degrees and the sweat was pouring off us. I wondered at my sanity and how true the saying was about mad English (wo)men

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Workers picking tea leaves. Photo: RMT
17 Apr 2015

Tea gardens in Nepal

This first flush fetches the highest prices, not only for its fine flavor, but also as it is produced in much lower quantity. Many people don’t know this, but the tea grown here can be better than that of neighbouring Darjeeling. Though similar to the world famous Darjeeling teas, it

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